About Us

Innovators is a new local business focussed on providing services to other local businesses to help them improve and grow.

We do not charge corporate rates but we bring a long history of big business experience to the table. We never offer a solution unless there is a clear return on investment and positive effect on your bottom line.

We offer a wide range of services covering many areas namely business system improvement, managing key projects, shaking up technology, software development, part-time technical leader, staff training, sales & marketing, branding, and conflict resolution.

What Next?

Have a look through our services page for more information on how we can help you.
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We do not charge Auckland rates but we do charge a reasonable rate depending on the services being delivered starting at $65/hour. For example our Part-time Technical Leader service which includes ½ a day a fortnight onsite plus remote follow-up activities costs $250 a week.

To talk about what you need is free, so why not start the conversation.