Donald Brown

I live in Topuni, Northland, with my wife Kirstie and my two youngest kids. I am the father of four. I have been working in the IT industry for over 22 years primarily working directly with customers to find solutions to business problems. I have been based in Auckland and have travelled extensively around the world when needed.

I have been working for software vendors (IBM & BMC), selling software, for over 18 years. I have enjoyed this but my heart is on the customer side of the fence. My passion is to work with people and businesses to find innovative solutions to solve big problems without the constraint of having to sell a certain brand of software. I am actively pursuing these sorts of opportunities.

Things I Could Do For You

System Improvement - My greatest strength is to be able to understand existing processes and systems, identify risks and opportunities, and then provide ideas on how things can be improved based on business objectives. This could be in any part of your organisation.

Increased Innovation - I can bring knowledge and experience in ideation practices to help involve all of your employees in the process of coming up with ideas to improve the company results. I can take you through the design thinking process.

Focus on Customer Experience - I have worked with customers for many years on understanding and improving every way they interact with their customers to give their customers a better experience, to increase loyalty, and ultimately improve the bottom line. I can look right across your customer engagement and help identify and improve your performance.

You name it I can put my hand to it - I have found that I can find success in any challenge. I have the ability to be flexible, adapt, and deliver in almost any area of business. No matter what the issue I am sure I can add value to your efforts.

My skills include:

Some examples of where I have done innovative work are:

My Contact Information:
Phone:0211 967 967


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